Financial Services Expedited Arbitration Procedure

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Financial Services Expedited Arbitration Procedure

The Financial Services Expedited Arbitration Procedure (‘the Procedure’) was launched at a reception held on the evening of 30 April 2015 at the London offices of FTI Consulting.  A document was distributed to those attending the reception which contained the text of the Procedure, flowcharts timetabling the Procedure when used with one or three arbitrators, and further background on the Procedure initiative and the Financial Sector Branch of the Arbitration Club (‘FSB’).

The links below will enable you to download the documents indicated:

30 April 2015 Launch Event Document (PDF format)

Financial Services Expedited Arbitration Procedure (Microsoft Word format)

Timetable Sole Arbitrator (PDF format)

Timetable Three Arbitrators (PDF format)

Please note that these are ‘open-source’ documents prepared by members of the FSB and freely available for adaptation and use. None of the FSB, its officers or members accept any liability for the consequences of the use of the original documents or derivatives thereof, and contracting parties should take specialist legal advice as to the suitability of the Procedure for their specific needs.


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